Hate spam? Yeah, us too.

This is spamicity.info, the service that cleans up spam in social networks. With our simple, high-performance API, site owners can stop worrying about spammers and focus on making great social networks for their users.

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Built for social

Tired of home-built solutions? Sick of email- or blog-spam services that can't handle your social flow? Our API is built for social and easy to integrate into any social software.

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Collective intelligence

spamicity.info uses information from tens of thousands of social networks across the Web to filter social data. That's the power of collective intelligence, working for everybody's benefit (except the spammers).

Open Source

Security through obscurity is B.S. We're not afraid to show the world our code. Our free and open source software is available for review; we want to make it better. And if you need a private solution, it's free for you to try.

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